World Record Freefloating BubbleEdit

In July 2015, Gary Pearlman was certified as the world record holder with a 96.3 cubic meter free-floating bubble. The previous record was set March 11, 2015 by SamSam Bubbleman: 23.3 cubic meters.

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Previous RecordsEdit

From the front left

Megan Colby Parker standing next to her world record bubble.

From the right side
From the front, center
From the front right
Using a guar-based bubble mix (just water, detergent, guar gum and baking powder), Megan Colby Parker set the world record for the largest freefloating bubble on April 27, 2013. The bubble's volume was 20.65 m³ (729.25 ft³). The volume is the equivalent of a sphere 3.4 meters (11.2 feet) in diameter.

Megan used a 9 1/2' top-string of full-ply Rubbermaid Webfoot Microfiber mop yarn. The bottom string was 2-plies of deconstructed Rubbermaid Rayon Finish Mop yarn. The poles were 11-foot telescoping Black Widow crappie fishing poles.

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