Soap Bubble Wiki

This article is for tracking things that need to be done to improve the wiki. If you are not an admin, please add your suggestions via this article's talk page. This will give you a little bit of an idea for our road map.

  • Article about care and storage of wicks
  • Need an article about reading color -- make sure to use the pictures found in this blog entry to demonstrate
  • Tag pages with "For Index" if they should be listed on the wiki index/TOC. This includes tagging categories of special interest.
  • Improve Dawn on the Ingredients list OR some combination of the following (probably all), have brief entry about Detergents on Ingredients page with link to main Detergent page. Have brief entry about Dawn with link to main Dawn article. Make sure the new article is updated so that it includes all info in current Detergents section (relevant to Dawn).
  • Add link to Categories index in Getting Deeper menu.
  • Reorganize recipes article. Recipes article should have brief descriptions of recipes with recipes having their own pages.
  • Review media (video and photos) for items that should be tagged.
  • EDWARD: find your CMC (polymer) experiment notes and post them somewhere
  • Outstanding Questions. Create Outstanding Questions category and apply it to any article or (better) article section that contains outstanding questions. Add and Outstanding Questions section to any article that has outstanding questions (either factul claims or experiments that need to be done).
  • Re-organize Ingredients article. The Ingredients article should have any long sections replaced with brief summaries and those long sections should become their own articles. I.e. the polymers section should be an article in itself.
  • Create a blog listing page that is better than the current default.
  • Use the category tree tag on pages where it makes sense to have a listing of all the articles in a particular category.
  • Add article to track experiments that should be done.
  • Edward needs to add some pages with his lab notebook data -- even incomplete experiments might be of use to someone.
  • Consolidate to-dos. Somewhere on the wiki there is another page that has elements of the road map.
  • Incorporate the Soap Bubble Wiki logo into the Cover Page photo used on Facebook? (maybe)

wiki index[]

The wiki has grown large enough that it should have an index page/table of contents to orient visitors. Currently, Getting Deeper links to the Special page that lists all pages. Ideally, there should be an intermediate page that has a human-organized guide to most of the wiki hat would also have links to the Special complete index as well as to category lists. This will allow us to make deeper browsing more fruitful by making the important pages easier to find.

We need to be sure not to over index. It may take a while to sort out what is what. My thinking is that there will be a link on the high-level index page to both the all pages index and the all categories index.

The purpose of For Index is for us to mark pages and categories of primary interest especially those that aren't obvious children of a popular page. We don't need to tag as For Index pages that will be reached by a more important page that references them. For example, individual recipes don't need a For Index tag as the high-level index will have both the main recipes page and a link to the recipes category.

The idea is that the high-level index should not be overwhelming and make it easier to discover important pages and categories.


Experiments/projects that have been started and need more work:

pH-adjuster comparisons. Explore whether in blind tests, users notice a difference in performance between bubble juice that has had its pH adjusted with baking powder vs. juice whose pH has been adjusted by baking soda+citric acid. Follow-ups would be to also compare solutions that use any of the following to adjust pH:

  • baking soda plus tartaric acid
  • citric acid by itself
  • white vinegar
  • carbonated water

Dawn Pro dilution evaluation (begun summer 2013). Need to come up with some 'standard' pictures using distilled water with and without pH adjustment at a range of dilutions that people can use for their own comparisons when evaluating detergents. Need pictures: with no polymer, with HEC, with guar.

Polymer and film thickness studies. Need more thorough study of influence of polymer amount on film thickness. Start with guar at various levels, HEC and PEO.

pH and film thickness studies (begun summer/fall 2013)

Uncle Bubble dilution. See if UB ultra-concentrate will work well diluted more to give thicker films that might work better in low humidity.

Gelatin studies. Compare mixes with gelatin to guar mixes with equivalent film thickness.

Flax studies. We've seen that flax works as a polymer. It has been claimed that it extends longevity in low humidity. This claim needs study.

Investigation of claims made about sugar as a bubble juice amendment.