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In my previous post (Quick test with fenugreek gum (2)), an anonymous bubbler left a comment about Tara gum.

I thought I should see if it had the same effect as fenugreek gum, so I got Tara gum on ebay.

I made a solution according to the recipe below:

・ Warm water 3,800 ml (40°C is enough)

・ Tara gum 12.3 grams

・ Dishwashing detergent (Cucute) 207 grams

・ Baking soda 2.5 grams

・ Citric acid 0.1 grams

・ Dry alcohol

Tara gum was mixed by the slurry method using dry alcohol.

The ph was adjusted to 7.5.

Tara gum solution


Taragum Trial

Tara gum solution

7:00 am, temperature 24 °C, humidity 88%, wind speed 2-3 m/s.

Unfortunately the wind was unstable and not ideal, but it seemed to work well.

May be I can reduce Tara gum a little more.

I want to see how it works under favorable conditions.