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I tested fenugreek gum again.

The last time was probably an overdose. This time I adjusted the amount of fenugreek gum and detergent.

・ Fenugreek gum 12.5g

・ Water 3,500ml

・ Detergent (Cucute) 190 grams

The ph was stable at 7.3, so I haven't adjusted it.

fenugreek bubble test


20210601 fenugreek gum test 2

fenugreek bubble test

18 ° C / humidity 94%.

I was able to stably create a bubble with a size larger than the previous time. You may want to reduce the amount of fenugreek a little more.

By adjusting the amount of fenugreek, the problematic odor was improved. However, it still has a unique spicy odor.

You should avoid blowing bubbles on someone's clothes or hair.

I'm surprised that there was still such an unknown natural polymer ... Bubble is really deep.

[Added in June 2021] When I used Dawn instead of Cucute, the odor was significantly reduced and almost unnoticeable.