Talking about some things with Espiegel123 I made some bubblejuice some days ago without sugar and without baking soda.

Recepie tested:

1 tsp cellulose

1/2 tsp citric acid

90 gr Fairy

20 gr glycerol

One was exactly as above and a secondary with added baking soda making it like the original (-45 grams of Fairy) recepie without sugar.

This was a total failure with no possible way to get a bubble, not even a small one that I usually get for the small strings I have for kids.

The secondary batch had one bottle of bubble mix with only +45 grams of fairy, no sugar or baking soda added, this one was pretty unstable, hard to get bubbles and not working well.

With this secondary I also had bottle for control testing, this had +45 grams of fairy + 1 tsp of baking soda and no sugar. It was still not as good as my original recepie.

Conclusion became that sugar have an effect, and baking soda as well.

I also had an original recepie with +50 grams of glycerol with me to see if that would change anything. It did have a small impact on the bubbles.

I also had two bottles of original bubblejuice with me so I started using one and it still was much better than anything else and I had, one mix without baking soda that was really milky and did not mix well at all so I added baking soda in it to see if I could get the mix fixed. It took me more baking soda then I usually use in my mixes to get it to look right and after letting it be for a while I tried it out and suddenly the mix worked really well, so I added more baking soda and the more I added the less stringy it became and the more of a "pop" gone I got. The colors also changed and I could from the same dip get out 2-3 really large bubbles instead of only 1, it became easier to close them and they even could splitup without breaking every time.

Now I got my second bottle with original recepie out and put in more baking soda to see the effect and it was huge. Still same increase/dip and they just popped out of thin air. Bubbles was really beautiful. I had 3 buckets with me out and now 1 was original + baking soda 1 with added sugar and baking soda making it a original recepie without sitting time and then the one original mix that worked really well as usuall but it was not as the other mixes.

This is something I will experiment more with and also let you know how high I got the kH and now I want to know why it effects the water like it did.

Next test will be without the citric acid.

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