Guar Sludge Blues

The recipes I've used to date have all been based on the Basic Mix recipe, and regardless of how much I stir, how hot the water I use is, or the amount of guar gum used, I always end up with about an inch of sludge in the bottom of my container. I've prepared about 10-12 batches all using the same recipe with variations in temperature, agitation level, hydration time, etc. and always end up with the same sludgey result.

The juice produced works relatively well despite the sludge, but the bubbles always seem to be lacking the reported self-healing and lifespan of the guar juice described in this forum. I would describe the bubbles as good, but not great, and not nearly as eye-popping as some of the photos posted here.

I live in an area with what I believe to be exceedingly hard water. I theorize that the calcium content in the water may be causing the guar gum to gel and destabilize from the solution, as described here: (yes, that was me making edits to the guar recipe pages - I'll make sure to get evidence before making claims to the truth of the matter! Promise!)

I will carry out several tests over the next few weeks to test the validity of this belief, as well as possible remedies for those experiencing the same issues!

Stay tuned! 

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