Mixers for Guar

Guar mix

Comparison of Guar mixing methods

Guar mixing methods which may be just fine for everyday bubble blowing may not be uniform and may give quite a variation from one bubble to the next.

I tested six different methods of mixing guar for longevity, for maximum bubble size, and for 'success rate'. Success rate is the % of trials that actually produce a successful bubble.

I tested three types of mixer for dispersing the slurry of 2g guar/10ml denatured alcohol (aka methylated spirits), in 500ml water: an immersion blender, a milk frother, and a 2 beater kitchen mixer. For the immersion blender I tried short (few seconds) and long (30 seconds) mixing times. For the frother I tried cold and hot water.

I also tested a vortex mix in which the dry guar was sprinked directly into a vortex created with a mixer.

I did 3 samples of each and did 7 repeats of each test for longevity and for maximum bubble size. The graphs are colour coded (from worst to best) red, yellow, green, blue, violet. Error bars are +/- 1 standard error of the mean.

While I didn't do enough tests for the results to be considered conclusive, the 2 beater mixer looks the best both in terms of consistency and success rate.

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