This will be the blog post that will contain my experiences with the HEC bubbling.

HEC = Hydroxyethylcellulose


This is my first bubbling with HEC and the first bubbling in year 2014, yay!


  • Medium-size - Top string: Full-ply 1.2m (48") RubberMaid MicroFiber Webfoot, washed in the washing machine in detergent.
  • Medium-size - Bottom string: 1 ply 2.4m (95") cotton yarn, Soda washed. You can see my soda washing experiences here
  • Giant-size - Top string: Full-ply 2.54m (100") RubberMaid MicroFiber Webfoot, washed in the washing machine in detergent.
  • Giant-size - Bottom string: 1 ply 5.6m (220") cotton yarn, Soda washed.
  • HECTylose H 200000 YP2
  • Recipe: Edward's HEC recipe
  • Weather:  +10C, 60-70% humidity, 10-11am following a misty morning, wind 0-2 m/s, sunny
  • Placement: Near forest area, big grass lawn

Recipe procedure

  1. Take a plastic 10 liters bucket (bucket A)
  2. Fill the bucket with 255 grams [9 oz (wt)] water at room temperature (not warm or hot)
  3. Add 8 grams HEC to that water
  4. Take 5 liters pot
  5. Add 482 grams [17 oz (wt)] water 
  6. Bring the water to near boiling
  7. Add that warmed up water to your HEC/cold water mix while rapidly stirring
  8. Stir for a minute or so
  9. While stirring, add in 4 grams baking soda and stir for another minute or two
  10. Add 170 grams [6 oz) (wt)] Dawn Pro
  11. Stir for a minute or so
  12. Take a plastic bucket (bucket B)
  13. Add 2763 grams water
  14. Add 2 grams citric acid
  15. Stir a bit
  16. Add that water from bucket B to the big bucket A

IMPORTANT! Stir the mix for about 1 minute every 5 to 8 minutes for 40 minutes. HEC will often look like it has fully 'dissolved' and then settle out overnight if you do not periodically stir.

Result (watch in Hi-Def 1080p)

Bubbles 2014 03 30

Bubbles 2014 03 30


  1. As I look at it, the bubbles got a bit too much ping/green (film), so I guess I should work some on the Dilution.
  2. I've tried to use the 1 ply bamboo yarn instead of the cotton yarn, but it was way too light for the 100" tri-string. It might work for the 48" tri-string...

Any comments & suggestions are welcome!

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