A few years back I bought two ounces of D&C yellow #8 dye- it was one of those things where buying a little was cheap, but buying a lot was still cheap, so I bought what seems to be a lifetime supply of it.   It's the concetrated form of the dye they use in yellow highlighters.  It's blacklight reactive and a lot of fun to play with.  I've used it to make the bath tub glow (super fun- 1/8 tsp does the trick), I've used it in play dough and I thought I'd give it a try in bubbles.

It worked/didn't work.  D&C yellow 8 is a soap dye- it works well in bubbles without killing them, but even with juice that looked atomic the bubble walls were too thin to get much of an effect.  Edward helped me with a thicker walled formula, but it didn't make anything showstopping for medium to big bubbles.  Bubbles are just too transparent to work with this dye.

You can see where the juice puddles it glows really well, so I tried it as a foam, and it was a ton of fun!  I used the leftover straws from the water balloons that hook to your garden hose so you can make a bunch of water balloons at one time.  It's a fun foamer!

Someone had posted a video of a bubble snake using just CAPB, so I tried tinting that with just a pinch of dye, and it was awesome.  We had a blast playing with the glow foam.  We had glow beards, and decorated my son's scooter to make a "bubble bus".  Just a little doesn't stain skin, and I think you could probably do it using the dye pack from a yellow highlighter too.  I want to try it in the "string of pearls" juice next.

IMG 20180703 193559

I also tried using flat diet tonic water instead of water in a juice recipe, and it was a total dud.  It didn't bubble at all.  I used diet because regular tonic has sugar, and I didn't want a bunch of ants in my barn.  

All in all we had a blast playing with glow bubbles!

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