Here's an easy recipe for giant bubbling, made with stuff you can find at most supermarkets. This is on the card I'm currently handing out to folks who say Hi! and ask about home brewed bubble solutions. It really works. It's based on Brian Lawrence's easy recipe here and works great fresh mixed.


Giant Bubbles with Supermarket Stuff

  1. Fill a clean gallon jug with warm water, then pour out and discard 2 1/4 cups (18 oz) of it.
  2. Squeeze 1 tube (4 oz) of water-based personal lubricant (K-Y jelly, Wal-Mart's Equate, etc) into a 2+ cup measuring glass.
  3. Beat a tablespoon of water from the jug into the lube. Then another.
  4. Using larger dashes of water, continue until you have 2 cups total.
  5. Pour the lube mix into the gallon jug. Cap and tumble gently to mix.
  6. Add a 12-14 ounce bottle of Dawn Ultra dish detergent to the jug.
  7. Cap and tumble gently to mix. Performance improves if left a day with the cap off.



The generic store brands of personal lube often work better than the premium ones, like K-Y. Look for "hydroxyethylcellulose" (HEC) in the ingredients.

Experiment with using varying amounts of the ingredients to suit your tastes. Try using less lube and/or soap for different effects. Have fun!

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