I had a chance to compare 4 loops or similar (but not identical size) and the same bubble juice which was an 11 parts tap water to 1 part detergent (a mix of Dawn Pro and Dawn Non-Ultra) with 1 oz. of BLM per gallon.

A couple of things to notice, the camera angle is such that things closer to the camera looke disproportionately larger than things far away. The lines in the gutter are 10 feet apart (if you can see them) There is about 50 feet of gutter visible. So there are bubbles that are 40 feet long that start far away that may look the same size as bubbles that were only 20 feet long but closer to the camera.

I was making no attempt to close bubbles off -- although I occasionally did close some off. I was testing to see how long of a tube the different loops would create without confounding the issue with my ability/inability to judge the right time to close the bubble off. All of these wands are quite easy to close bubbles with. You will see me close bubbles off a few times. I generally did this when I thought the bubble was going to extend beyond the frame boundaries. Whenever I did close a bubble off, I would then see how many more bubbles I could get out of that dip.

The conditions were somewhat changeable. So, one loop had more challenging conditions than the others and may not have performed as well as it would have if the wind had been less brisk. Temperature was about 60F and humidity about 45% (at best). Wind direction and speed were in flux. The loops all have a 32 to 36 inch top string.

Make sure to watch these at the full 1280 * 720 size if you can. Hopefully, YouTube's recompressing won't harm the quality too much.

Cord A

Cord A. 2011 02 01

Cord A

Cord B

Cord B. 2011 02 01

Cord B

Cord C

Cord C. 2011 02 01

Cord C

Cord D. 2011 02 01

Cord D. 2011 02 01.

Cord D

See the comments below for the identities of the cords. Here are some facts about the loops. (Note: the order is random and doesn't correspond to the order of the videos).

  • The Jute twine loop weighs 5 grams and is about 102 inches. It is a single-strand of twisted twine (it is about 4.5 mm thick)
  • The fine braid Pakistan-made clothesline loop is 103 inches of cord and weighs 16.8 grams.
  • The Lehigh diamond-braid loop is 113 inches and weighs 14.1 grams.
  • The triple-strand butcher twine loop is 101 inches of cord and weighs 12.5 grams.

Despite weighing less than half of the next lightest loop, the jute twine performs on a par with these -- and in other tests (I will try to get some video up of them) it creates many more bubbles per dip (and longer bubbles) than any other single strand loop that I have made.

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