I haven't had a chance to bubble since the September PAM Trial. I've been curious: how much PAM is too much. So, I mixed up a batch of bubble juice with roughly 200 grams of 0.1% PAM Solution per liter of juice (at 20:1 water to Dawn Pro). The juice worked quite well and was clearly not overdosed.

I had some BLM-based juice (at 20:1) on-hand and tried it. The two seemed to work fairly comparably. The BLM juice might have been able to more reliably make 40+ foot tubes BUT there weren't really enough trials to tell and the windspeed was variable enough that the difference could quite easily have been due to the wind.

Conditions: 60 degrees F, 85% relative humidity, fully overcast.

Test loops: 48-inch Rubbermaid webfoot microfiber mop top-string with bottom string made of 2-strands of deconstructed Rubbermaid finish mop yarn.


  • 200 grams 0.1% PAM solution
  • 793 grams tap water
  • 7 grams 5% citric acid solution
  • 50 grams Dawn Pro
2018 10 21 BLM Tube long
2018 10 21 PAM100 or less Tube long
2018 10 21 PAM200 Tube long crop
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