20170908 DP vs Platinum

Typical films for the Dawn Pro (2017) and Dawn Platinum 4x juices. The Platinum tube's film ever so slightly thinner.

The conditions were much better today than yesterday for comparing the detergents. Temperature was 61F and humidity 90%. Wind was slow (1-2 mph) and steady. The sky completely overcast.

The films looked similar, but the Platinum 4x films were ever so slightly thinner -- especially at the max 'stretch'. There was something unusual, however. The longest platinum tubes were not as long as the maximum Dawn Pro tubes.

Juice details. Both juices pH-adjusted to 7.6 with 5% citric acid solution. For platinum: 9 grams. For DP: 8 grams 1000 grams water 50 grams detergent 6 grams BLM

Loops: 32" top-string loops from SecureLine 3/16" cotton cord.

The platinum juice required more citric acid than the DP solution.

All in all both juices worked well. I'd give the edge to the Dawn Pro solution, but that could be normal random variation. More comparisons need to be done.

Here are some other pictures from the session.

20170908 PL4X 005 retouch

Dawn Platinum tube just before breaking. Approximate length 30-35ft.

20170908 DP 009 retouch

Closed tube. Dawn Pro. Length 40 ft. Note stretched profile.

20170908 DP 012 retouch

Dawn Pro 35-45 foot tube. Stretched profile.

20170908 DP 022

Another Dawn Pro tube. 35+ feet. Stretched profile.

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