20170907 solution quickcompare

Took a few minutes to try out Dawn Platinum 4x for the first time. I tried it and a Dawn Pro (2017) mix. Both were 20 to 1 solutions pH-adjusted to 7.6 using 6 grams of recently brewed BLM per liter of water.

The wind was swirling and fast moving. In these conditions it was hard to get a convincing read of the solutions. Both worked well. In these conditions, the color profiles were pretty similar. I'll need better conditions to get a more meaningful read.

A note about interpreting the color profiles in this session. The wind speed was constantly changing and was generally quite brisk. A few long Platinum 4X tubes ended up with thinner films than any of the Dawn Pro films. Because of the changing speed and velocity, it was hard to tell if that was a function of the solution or a function of the rate of expansion. This comparison will need to be repeated.

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