For quite a while, the Rayon Fishish mops available at Home Depot were one of the preferred materials for makers of giant bubbles. Then in 2014, the construction of those mop heads changed. Instead of being made from a single 100+yard length of yarn, they deconstructed into lengths of 40 inches.

It was then discovered (after much gnashing of teeth) that a RubberMaid Professional mop made of the same rayon yarn was available through Walmart with the old construction style but a different model number. Back in March, it was brought to our attention that this same mop is also available via some other sources (notably Amazon).

Here are some pictures submitted by wiki member Meredith Keebler. We thank her for sending these along.

2016 03 keebler rayon finish 883 barcode
2016 03 keebler rayon yarn label
2016 03 keebler rayon yarn ready to disentangle
2016 03 keebler rayon yarn2
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