2 Bubbles at 20:1

20150130 8353 guar20to1 old

20:1 Dawn Pro Juice (with guar gum)

20150130 8355 guar20to1 old

20:1 Dawn Pro Juice (with guar gum)

2015 01 Super Giant Bubble Color and Dilution Demo-1

2015 01 Super Giant Bubble Color and Dilution Demo-1


2 Bubbles After Adding More detergent

20150130 8356 addDetergent andoldBLMmix

After adding unknown amount of detergent -- moments after the previous bubbles was made.

20150130 8360 addDetergent andoldBLMmix


A busy life has prevented my posting (or experimenting) for a few months. On SBF recently, there was a discussion about the influence of dilution on colors. This morning it was foggy and cool (50F with 95% humidity) and I needed to clear my mind. I had a bit of guar juice left over from a session in October or November and decided to see if it was still good. It was.

I made a few bubbles with a 70" Webfoot Microfiber top-string (full-ply) and a 2-ply RubberMaid Rayon Finish Mop bottom string. The breeze was very light and 5 foot diameter bubbles were lasting up to a minute or more.

After making a few bubbles, I dumped some Dawn into the juice so that I could demonstrate the big color shift that happens when there is a lot of soap in the mix. You will notice that not only is the bubble film thinner (see Color and Film Thickness for more on that topic) after detergent is added, but there are lots of color swirls and irregular boundaries that don't appear in the thicker-filmed bubbles.

The conditions were foggy and heavily overcast. All bubbles were made within a few minutes of each other -- so differences in color are not the result of any difference in lighting conditions.

Notice in the video how the detergent-heavy mix has a lot of swirling and intermixing of colors. On the whole, the thinner film of the detergent-heavy bubbles resulted in significantly shorter lifespans though some of them lost quite long in the cool foggy conditions.

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