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Gorgeous bubble tube morphs into supergiant

Gorgeous bubble tube morphs into supergiant

Testing eGoo at 12.5 to 1 (water:concentrate) under ideal conditions: 60F and 85% humidity. Loop: 48" Rubbermaid webfoot microfiber top string with two strands of deconstructed Rubbermaid rayon mop yarn as the bottom string.

This batch of eGoo used 0.25 grams per "batch" of WSR301 rather than 0.15 grams. This is fresh full potency WSR. The juice was pretty stringy BUT under these conditions worked great. With the 48" top-string and next to no breeze 35 foot closed tubes were quite easy. I did not get a chance to try with a larger loop until the humidity had fallen and the breezed started to pick up.

The goal was to compare Bernat's Baby Blanket fuzzy yarn to Rubbermaid Webfoot Microfiber. The 48" top-strings (both with 2-strand rubbermaid rayon bottoms) performed admirably. I have not had a chance to compare the videos to see if one had the edge. I can say that for an off-the-shelf product this yarn worked very well. Many thanks to Mad Habitz (a Facebook fan of the wiki) for bringing it to our attention.

MORE VIDS AND PICS AND DETAILS (if I can find the time).

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