Epic Super Giant Bubbles (2014 09 24)

Epic Super Giant Bubbles (2014 09 24)

20140924 B 4 ginormous CROP

Giant bubble made using Patons yarn with BLM-based juice with water:detergent ratio 20:1.

20140924 B 1 ginormous CROP

Giant bubble created with Patons yarn wick with BLM-based juice at 20:1 on 2014/09/24

20140924 B 3 ginormous tube CROP
20140924 A More 3

Supergiant created with 100-inch top-string loop with 20:1 guarbased juice. 2014/09/24

: 6:50AM PDT;

Temp: 62F; Humidity: 82%;

Still air and scattered clouds

Loop: modular with 100+ inch topstring made from Patons Classic Wool Roving loosely wound together. Bottom string: two strands of Patons Metallic Yarn loosely wound together.

This is the first use of this loop. The only preparation applied to the yarn was to soak it in water and Dawn after cutting.

JUICE: Two juices were used. Both were 20 parts tap water to 1 part Dawn Pro with 8 ml of 5% citric acid per liter of water. One juice had 1.5 grams guar gum per liter water. The other had 5 ml of BLM per liter of water. The pH was 7.6. I adjust the pH of all my Dawn-based juice to this pH in order to standardize the mixes so that I can more reliably draw conclusions based on the soap film colors.

This session included some of the largest bubbles that I have ever made. Comparing the bubbles -- even the largest -- indicates that the loops could have made even larger bubbles as the bubbles never showed the 'stretched' color profile that occurs when a bubble is growing beyond the ability of the wick to feed it (a topic that probably deserves its own article).


The Materials

Patons wool roving
Patons metallic
Patons roving two strands

Two strands of Patons Classic Wool Roving one wrapped by hand around the other.

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