Spurred by reports from people that are enjoying various knitting yarns for their loops, I have started revising my thoughts about knitting yarn and realizing that some are very credible wick materials -- especially for people that don't want to track down an exotic mophead and deal with the deconstructing, etc.

I have had a few very nice sessions using "Links" acrylic/wool blend  which is a braided yarn that seems exclusive to Michael's craft stores. I am not ready to say that it is as good or better than the Rubbermaid webfoot microfiber, but I think it is worth trying -- especially as the top-string of a composite loop. For my taste, it is too drippy to use for both top and bottom strings. (See the blog entry about this yarn). I have used it for a 100-inch top-string wand (with a single strand twine bottom) and created some real monsters.

Here is one supergiant made with the acrylic/wool yarn for the top-string and a single strand of twine for the bottom:

20140914 Cool Supergiant Bubble

20140914 Cool Supergiant Bubble


Patons Metallic

A very different yarn, a very lightweight nylon/acrylic/wool blend that I have used only once but like a lot is Patons Metallic. It is thin and lightweight. Lighter than Bed,Bath and Beyond twine and perhaps a bit thinner, Patons Metallic Yarn worked really nicely. It is highly self-closing when it empties but the capacity in my first trial seemed similar to the twine though the session was brief.I definitely plan to explore this yarn some more -- both as a bottom string (as a single and double-strand) and as a multi-strand top-string.It seems readily available at a number places including Michael's and Joanne's. People that like exploring lightweight wick materials may find this worthy of exploration.

I don't have any pictures or video yet of bubbles made with this yarn -- but stay tuned!

Patons Metallic compared FOR WEB
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