This entry is for tracking my ongoing exploration of PEO potency and potency changes -- comparing degraded PEO (WSR301 and JLUBE from 2010 but stored in the freezer since some time in late 2013) with PolyOx WSR301 purchased from Teacher's Source earlier this year and stored in the freezer since purchase.

See also: PEO Calibration and also May 2015: Determining PEO Strength

Note: using 1% PEO solutions, this equates to about 5 ml. of 1% degraded PEO solution per liter of water and 1.25ml 1% full-potency PEO solution per liter water. (NOTE TO SELF: double-chec this)

April 2014 Notes

New PolyOx WSR301 recently received from Teacher's Source. With a 20:1 water:Dawn Pro mix, the bubbles-per-dip is over 5 with 0.006% PEO and at 0.013% PEO the juice seems overdosed.

In another test, the teacher's source had greater than 5 bubbles-per-dip at 0.009% and noticeable impact at under 0.005%. A May test indicated that the NMEC is a bit less than 0.0008% (the concentration at which 5 bubbles-per-dip is easily achievable)

The degraded WSR301 had a similar impact at 0.0018% as the new PEO. About 3.7 times as much of the degraded PEO is needed compared to the new stuff.

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