20131231 last bubble

Loop was made from a 200" strand of soda-washed twine that I normally use as a bottom string for a 100" top-string

I was just playing around with the amount of citric acid to add to eGoo concentrate so that when diluted with my tap water, the pH would be in the target range (7.2-7.6)

I added 0.77 grams citric acid dissolved in 5 grams water to 234 grams of eGoo.

I diluted with 2500 grams water -- which is WAY gooier than I would normally use. I tend to like a 15:1 water to concentrate ratio.

The pH was about 7.5.

Also dissolved about .75 grams citric acid in around 2 liters of water to have on hand to further dilute the juice if needed. I did not check the pH of that water/citric acid mix.

Outside I spent some time with the diluted eGoo. It was VERY stringy. I made some nice bubbles with a 70" single twine strand top-string loop but it was pretty temperamental.

I diluted it and the juice was awful. I ran inside to grab my pH meter. The pH was 6.3. The film was often breaking prematurely. Making bubbles was very hard. I added baking soda until the pH was back up to 7 and the juice started working very well.

So, 6.3 is definitely too low.

I need to find some time to find the pH at which the juice stops working well.

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