I finally had a chance to attempt giant and super-giant bubbles under excellent conditions with Uncle Bubble Ultra Concentrate, and I am very impressed. It is the best commercial solution that I have used for giant bubbles. As you can see from the pictures and video, this juice is capable of creating world-class giants that have a lovely ghostless pop when conditions allow. My impression so far is that (like almost all bubble juice), it performs best when there is decent humidity and reasonable temperatures. Under poor conditions, it will perform better than other commercial mixes.

Though I have had some Uncle Bubble Ultra Concentrate since early summer, I was only able to use it under reasonable conditions very recently. I had one or two brief sessions under poor conditions early in the summer but decided that it was not fair to make any judgment based on those sessions. The summer had generally low humidity and high temperatures or reasonable (though not great) humidity and too much wind. While I had hoped (based on some glowing reviews on SBF, the Soap Bubble Fanciers Yahoo Group) that this might be a miracle mix that works great in those challenging conditions, the performance was ambiguous.

I'll write in more detail about my experiences with this juice in an upcoming blog entry or two. For the moment, enjoy the videos and pictures below.

Conditions. Bubbles made under excellent conditions (55-60F and 85%-90% humidity and very light breeze).

Equipment. All bubbles used a full-ply RubberMaid Webfoot Microfiber mop yarn top string and a single strand of Bed, Bath, and Beyond twine that had been soda-washed and dyed. Most of these were made with a 100-inch top-string loop. Some were made with a 70-inch top-string.

2013 Uncle Bubble Montage

2013 Uncle Bubble Montage

Watch this at full-size in HD on YouTube

2013 10 25 Supergiant Bubble

2013 10 25 Supergiant Bubble


Watch it at full-size in HD on YouTube


Click on photos to see large images. All bubbles pictured made with Uncle Bubble Ultra Concentrate

20131024 UB 100inchtop 3
20131024 UB 100inchtop 2
20131024 UB 100inchtop
20131023 IMG 6024 UB
20131001 0A UB 4 CROP
20131001 0A UB 2 CROP 70inchtop

70-inch top-string

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