Entry to be updated. Session goal was to compare Dawn Pro/Sun (Sunsational Scents Lemon) hybrid mix with a Dawn Pro-only mix. Both mixes used 1 tsp guar gum (slurried with isopropyl), 2 tsp baking powder, 3640 grams water. The amount of detergent was different since Dawn Pro and Dawn Pro/Sun have different surfactant strengths. One of the goals was to try to find in the Dawn/Sun for Dawn substitution ratio (to achieve same surfactant concentration as measured by color profile).

The Dawn Pro solution had 150 grams detergent which yields a water:detergent ratio of about 24:1. The Dawn/Sun mix had 185 grams detergent (19.6:1 ratio).

My quick impression in the field was that the color profiles of the bubbles from the Dawn Pro-only and the Dawn Pro/Sunsational Scents mix were pretty close. So, 1.25x seems like the right substition.

The t-shirt yarn loops -- which I am not loving with dilute mixes -- showed dramatic size potential increase when the detergent concentration was increased. Also, the loop made from the 1"-wide strip worked MUCH better than the one from the 1/2" wide strip. The single-strand twine loop, however, beats them both.

I recommend watching the videos on YouTube at the highest resolution rather than watching them embedded.

20130912 DawnSun Hybrid Super Giant

20130912 DawnSun Hybrid Super Giant

20130912 5653 massive tube

20130912 5653 massive tube

Super Giant Bubbles Sept

Super Giant Bubbles Sept. 2013

The session had many giants and super-giants. There were also many gorgeous and really massive bubbles that I did not manage to close. I thought they were so beautiful that they deserved their own video:

2013 09 12 Beautiful Failures

2013 09 12 Beautiful Failures


Secondary Goals

  • Demonstrate how adding detergent changes color profile (film thickness)
  • Demonstrate how reducing film thickness can increase effective size potential and loop capacity as long as conditions allow.
  • Test to see if concentration influences ghosting with Dawn/Sun Hybrid
  • Compare relative quality of Dawn and Dawn/Sun mixes


64F; 82% humidity (at start -- dropping to about 70%); cloudy. Mild breeze.

Towards end of session, the film was showing a tendency to prematurely pop that was not present for the first 30 minutes.


  • 33" topstring loops of soda-washed and turquoise-dyed Bed, Bath and Beyond Twine
  • 32" (when stretched and dry) t-shirt yarn loop made from 1/2" wide strip
  • 32" (when stretched and dry) t-shirt yarn loop made from 1" wide strip
  • 100" webfoot microfiber top with BBB twine bottom (modular setup)


100" top-string

I played around with the dilution and also added some Dawn-only mix to the Dawn/Sun mix to see how it infuenced ghosting.

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