201301015 HEC 2 CROP
I shouldn't draw too many conculsions from a single session. But it is looking like HEC-based juice can get results every bit as good as the Bangwool juice that was such such an eye-opener this past fall. This morning there were almost ideal conditions and the HEC juice was the clear winner in a shootout. The bubbles were easier to close, lasted longer and were just as colorful. The Bangwool juice has one really nice characteristic: almost ghostless popping but not that super-cool disappearing into fine mist that Hisao Oono's mix does.

I will try to get some video posted soon.

Conditions: 48-50F. Humidity: 85-90% RH. Overcast. Very slight breeze.



2013 01 05 HEC montage

2013 01 05 HEC montage

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This recipe is still under development. So, it isn't yet listed on the recipes page. This recipe is for a concentrate that when diluted 3:1 (water:concentrate) yields about 21:1 water:detergent. With about 2.3 grams HEC per liter of water. When using less detergent, the bubbles have not worked out as well as with detergent in this range.

  • 16 grams HEC (QP100MH or Natrosol 250HHR -- if using a lower viscosity type, you might need slightly more HEC)
  • 1474 gr (52 oz (wt)) water
  • 8 gr baking soda
  • 340 grams (12 oz) (wt)) Dawn Pro

At 3:1 water:concentrate,there is a 20.6:1 water:detergent ratio and  2.28 gramsHEC/liter water. [16 grams HEC / (1474 grams water + 5526 grams water)]


Dilute with 3 parts water to which (very important) citric acid has been added. Add about 1 gram of citric acid per 456 grams (16 dry ounces) concentrate.


(Feb. 5, 2013) I have been using this recipe a lot this past month and am consistently getting long-lasting super giants. For huge bubbles, this mix seems to be working better than any other recipe with nice rich colors. I need to do more side-by-side comparisons with the basic 16:1 mix, though.

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