Until the last week, it had been a long time since I had used EGoo. At that time, it was working great, and I was creating giants of greater size and with better color than I had with my previously favorite recipe. Recently, I have received mixed reports from people -- some experienced bubblers loving it and others disappointed. I could not imagine why there were the disappointed users.

So, I used it a few times in sessions with guar, and it was not behaving at all like it used to. I mixed up some solutions that were identical to eGoo but fresh mixed and they were outperforming the eGoo. Recently, I had also tested guar mixes with and withoug baking soda/citric acid. I noticed that these eGoo bubbles were popping the way that the bubbles created with the bs/ca-less guar mixes popped. So, I added 1/2 tsp. baking powder per literof added water to the next eGoo that I diluted and this worked great.

I have now done two brief test sessions and in each case, an eGoo that has baking powder added after dilution performed much better than the solution without. I suspect that adding more baking soda/citric acid would also work -- but I didn't do that because measuring out baking powder with a spoon is much quicker than getting out the scale, blah, blah blah.

Here are notes from the session:

I took video with the hat cam but it didn't work as the aiming was off.

Baking powder seems to make a huge difference. I wonder why I didn't need it before? Perhaps, there has been some change in the water supply. I need to see if simply adding more baking soda/citric acid will have the same effect.

Conditions: 65F, 65% humidity, VERY WINDY, sunny

Yesterday at noon, I diluted the last of the 2012 04 24 egoo. I used a little last night and it was very poor compared to the guar 'salty mix'. This morning, I took out two containers with 1 liter of diluted eGoo (at 21:1). Into one, I added 1/2 slightly heaping teaspoon Rumford baking powder. I did 10 dips + of each. The mix with the baking powder was clearly superior. The tubes were longer. Large bubbles lasted longer -- a few 3 to 4 foot bubbles lasted over a minute and were carried quite far away. There were a few good bubbles with the solution that did not have the baking powder -- but far fewer.

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