Conditions were humidity 58% to 62% and temperature about 63F. The air seemed to be somewhat rich in particulates and bugs. The conditions were pretty good but not great (due to the particulates). The loop was a triple strand cord of bamboo yarn which was rinsed and towel dried between trials. This loops capacity is probably about 10% less than the Lehigh cord in terms of the maximum length attainable with a given solution.

All solutions were made with 16 oz (by weight) of tap water, 1 oz (by wt.) of Dawn Pro, 0.4 grams baking soda and 0.2 grams citric acid. The HEC, baking soda and citric acid were all added together to very warm water and stirred until the solution was clear with no ghosts with a stirring rod (by hand). The detergent was added and the solution stirred every 5 or 10 minutes until the solution was uniform with no evidence of ghosts. The QP100MH solution became uniform with significantly less stirring/wait time than the Natrosol solutions. The Natrosol solutions fully-resolved over about 20 minutes (stirring for a while than waiting five minutes and repeating until the solution was uniform with no ghosts or setting)



Solution 01

thumb|640px|left|Solution 01


Solution 02

thumb|640px|left|Solution 02


Solution 03

thumb|640px|left|Solution 03

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