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I finally got a chance to try out a 100-inch topstring loop made from a single strand of jute twine that had been fed inside tape-style bamboo yarn. This was my best outing yet (well--I have only tried such large loops a few times) with such a large loop. It seemed to be friendlier than the bare jute twine loop in that the solution didn't froth up as quickly and closing bubbles seemed easier. But, the ease of closing the bubbles may have been entirely due to atmospheric conditions. Relative humidity in the mid 60s, overcast sky and relatively mild breeze. I will post some video soon. I tried out three different solutions: 16 to 1 water/detergent with Bubble Thing powder, 11 to 1 water/detergent plus 1 oz. BLM per gallon and Jumbo Juice. All of the solutions worked pretty well. A combination of the BLM mix and the Bubble Thing mix seemed to work the best of any of them -- but that also may have been due to my getting a better feel for how to close out the bubbles by the time that I did the mix.
thumb|left|640px|Watch in full-screen HD!Here is some video from the session. This is a document of what was going on rather than an art piece -- although the bubbles are quite lovely. I am not very skilled with this size loop. So, you will see a lot of bubbles that pop before they manage to be closed. Getting bubbles closed before they popped was a bit tricky because of how "poppy" the conditions seemed to be. The inertia of this loop is such that you have to start the closing motion well ahead of when you want the bubble to be closed. The video is slowed to half speed, so that you can appreciate the beauty of even the failed bubbles.NOTE: I inserted black between sections of the video to indicate a new wand dip. You will sometimes see several bubbles made from the same dip.
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