A few weeks ago, I got to take some family, visiting from Texas, to one of my favorite places in Colorado - Independence Pass . I had hoped to attempt to bubble on top of the pass; at 12,095 ft, it is the highest paved road crossing the Continental Divide in the United States. Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic that day, and I was not sure the weather would hold. The weather was not looking promising, and it can change rather quickly up there. So instead, we stopped a few miles from the summit and had a picnic lunch. I crossed the creek, and attempted to entertain them by bubbling from within the ruins of an old log cabin. The wind did not cooperate, and once the bugs found me, they invited all of their friends to join the feast. I managed to get a few bubbles off, but the bugs eventually won; if I managed to get a bubble off the strings, they typically took it out quicker than a park full of preschoolers would.

I used a fresh batch of Edward's basic guar mix; the tri-string had a 100" 4 ply finish top string and a single ply bottom string on 8' poles. For scale, I am 6'3" tall. Having a hard time getting the bubbles off the string before they were in the vegetation, I switched to a 60" 1/4" cotton pipping top string with a single cooking twine bottom. I also ended up climbing on the wall, which was about five feet high, to try and clear the vegetation.

The scenery is much better than the bubbles.

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