My first few attempts at recording my bubble sessions were definitely not failures, but I didn't really get the good footage that I was hoping for. The two main reasons were 1) my tripod was one of those short ones with bendy legs, and 2) the camera I was using was kind of old (circa 2009).

However, when I went out again to try and capture some awesome colour profiles, I came across a fun way to film my bubbles. I figured out, purely by happenstance, that the tripod legs can wrap around my neck. So, I was "wearing" the tripod. Then, I mounted the camera to the tripod and I was able to capture a bubbling session from my point of view.

So, while I wasn't able to capture the footage I initially set out to capture, I was able to replicate a bubble session so that others can see what I'm seeing while bubbling. Ta-da!

In future posts, I'll post more info — and some videos — about my "new angle" camera tricks.

UPDATE: You can now CHECK OUT the post that I just finished with the camera rig details, and some awesome bubble footage.

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