My info and pictures aren't nearly as awesome and detailed as Edward's, but I figured I'd start posting anyway.

I had a great session this evening, and here's the technical info that I have:

  • Weather
    • Temp: 15°C (59°F)
    • Humidity: 89%
    • Wind: 2 km/h (1.24 mph)
  • Bubble Juice
    • 1000 grams of water
    • 2 grams of guar gum
    • 2 grams of baking powder (pH adjuster)
    • 50 grams of Dawn Platinum 4X (20:1 dilution)
  • Wick Material
    • Libman Jumbo Cotton Wet Mop
    • top string: 48", full ply
    • bottom string: 96", 2 strands twisted together

And here are a few photos. You can't really see the colour profile, because the shots are not taken at an ideal angle and the lighting is too bright. However, it was a lovely evening and my wife and I had plenty of fun bubbling. Ta-da!

Oh, those blurred spots on a couple of the photos are children from the nearby playground that popped by to check out the bubble awesomeness.

IMG 5768
IMG 5742

IMG 5759

IMG 20170909 192903147
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