9-29-12----We woke up this morning to the first snow of the year, a bit over an inch. So it seems as though I will soon satisfy my curiosity as to whether I can create giant bubbles during our long, cold, & dry winter. It should be quite fun trying to develop a bubble solution that works. I know smaller bubbles that freeze can be made, But I want to try for some big ones. If not it may be nearly 5 months before I can enjoy bubbling again. Hopefully there will at least be a few nice days here and there so I don't "Jones" to much.  

10-10-12----Beautiful evening 46F, clear skies, 71% humidity, 29.96" pressure, & 4mph breeze. Where is a camera when I need one ! The sun was setting and the bubbles were the biggest yet. Beautiful bus sized giants floating gently to the ground and my wife was not here to see them. Oh well at least she was able to see some nice ones yesterday. No more snow as of yet and quite mild for this time of year.  

10-12-12----Interesting day-- I stopped by a lake this morning, there was still frost on the ground and the sun had not yet peaked over the trees. I was able to make some nice although not huge bubbles that were lasting 30 seconds or so and landing on the lake. The small bubbles landing on the ground around my dipping tray were freezing. I had to go to an appt. and then went to a different lake at about 11:30 am. It was sunny with a slight breeze and maybe 40F but still frosty in the shade. I could barely even make a bubble. Most of the times I dipped my wick it would not even make a film. I tried to tweak the mix and tried some other mixes I had brought with me, even the leftover mix from my huge bubbles on 10-10 hardly worked. I then made some fresh juice and had a little better luck but not much. Very odd because it has been colder & humidity while a bit low has been worse. On a brighter note at the second lake a lady walked up to me and asked if I was Jay. She then handed me a copy of the Oct. 8th issue of the Christian Science Monitor and the editor had used a picture of me making a bubble that had gone out on the AP. The issue was focused on America's Poor and his editorial was titled "What Money Can't By". Too Cool  

10-14-12----I am baffled by how different my juice behaves. We had a bit over an inch of snow yesterday and I stepped on a nail, so did not get a chance to make any bubbles. I went out today at noon, sore foot and all, to see what might happen. It was 36F, 72%RH, 29.09AP, & partly sunny. I used the same juice that was giving me fits on 10-12 and it was working Great. I wonder if solar activity may affect bubbles as we had a fantastic Aurora in the evening on 10-12

10-14-12 2
10-14-12 1

Same mix that wouldn't work at all on 10-12-12


10-17-12---Had to drive 355 miles further north thru the blowing snow for a family emergency. It was 19F, dry and light snow. I was able to make a few 3ft bubbles that popped almost immediately. Will try again tomorrow.    

Fairbanks10-19-12 20F

Fairbanks,Ak 10-19-12 20F


10-21-12----On Saturday We held my Sister-in-law's funeral. It was cloudy and cold 17F with a bit of wind. I had been trying all week to get my bubbles to last longer than a few seconds and maybe get some loft. We closed the service by singing "I'll Fly Away" then I went outside and mixed a bit of Her ashes into my Bubble Juice. It was beautiful and touching. The bubbles Flew up and over the building and were lasting quite long considering the conditions.-----. R.I.P Trina

Fly Away Trina-1

Fly Away Trina






Snowflake Forming



10-23-12---Made it back home last night. The day was clear and beautiful. I wish I would have had time to stop and make some bubbles with the panoramic snow covered mountain range as a backdrop. It would have been cool to have a picture of giant bubbles in front of Mt. McKinley " Denali " the highest peak in N. America. I guess I will have to try another time.  

10-28-12---Very mild 37F and not a cloud to be seen. I made some nice bubbles in my driveway using my normal mix without additives. The cold makes the bubbles pop in slow motion, it looks way cool.


Slow Pop




10-30-12---New snow low 20's----Guar mix W/CaCl2 --The bubbles were mostly short lived and medium sized. The garland wand performed a bit better so had fun watching the little ones. Burrrrr....the cold sure has a bite to it, my fingers start to hurt even with gloves. I need to fly south with the geese & swans.


Guar w/CaCl2


Blend of Guar W/CaCl2 & Peo w/CaCl2 & added pink lotion dish soap (contains NaCl)

11-10-12----Warmed up to 34F, 74% humidity, wind @4mph. It was a good day--bubbles were quite big and lasting longer than any so far this winter. Some even traveled clear across the park. Did not even have to add anything to my normal PEO juice.

11-11-12----Another warmer day, was able to make some bubbles for Mike Millers birthday photo. Seems like I don't have to modify my mix if it gets above 32F. Only problem is my index & middle fingers on the right hand hurt like heck even with gloves--- gets way bad when I am trying to take picts myself.

11-13-12---Yesterday and today were again good days 28F-31F and high humidity. The bubbles were really big and colorful. Yesterday I was even able to use my 96" topstring wand, my camera batteries died before I could get picts of those though. Still did not have to mess with the mix to get good bubbles, but today the juice in the tray started freezing after about 45mins.

11-21-12---Buurrrrr !! it has a been a bit chilly, highs in the mid teens. I have been adding Propylene Glycol to my juice it seems to be helping. I have used up to 1-1/4 cups effective PG in a gallon of juice. The mix is really stringy and the pops although extremely fun too watch, are really messy. Ghosts does not even begin to describe the film that is created when these burst. Sometimes the falling film captures air, forming odd shaped bubbles that float on for a bit longer. It sometimes lands on the ground in sheets that shimmer like a heat mirage and either slowly fades away or freezes nearly intact.

11-24-12---A large high pressure system has been ? parked over us, leading to beautiful clear skies and cold temps. The Pro-Gly? is making a big impact on my bubbles? and I have? decreased ? the amount of detergent & PEO in my mix to reduce the plastic-like ghosts. I have been able to make some good bubbles even down to 6F. It has yet to get below 0F but that will come soon enough. Then the real trials will begin-- IE: will I? possess the fortitude to stand out in that cold? to make bubbles. LOL

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