First of all, my name is Alex and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My journey into the wonderful world of bubbles began in 2016. Of course, I'd played with bubbles all my life, but only with store bought wands and solutions. So, when I decided to mix up a DIY batch of bubble juice for my children (using a recipe I found on a blog), that's when the real fun started.

I think I tried three different recipes that I found online, but when I came across one that suggested using guar gum to make the bubbles really big, I was definitely intrigued...and then I was hooked! Using a simple drinking-straw and cotton twine wand (not a tri-string wand), I went from making bubbles as big as grapefruits to making bubbles bigger than watermelons. Guaranteed, I was 10x more excited than my children (and they were really excited).

Furthermore, when I came across videos on YouTube by Ben Cusick (NightHawkInLight) and Sterling Johnson showing how they make bubbles as long as a bus (and longer), I was floored. I thought, "How have I been alive for 30+ years, and not seen these amazing, giant bubbles before?!"

It only took a couple minutes after that before I found the fantabulous Soap Bubble Wiki.

Thanks to the Wiki, I quickly learned how to whip up some amazing bubble gear and fantastic bubble juice and start wowing both children and adults alike with giant bubbles.

And, again, that was all back in 2016. Now I wouldn't call myself a bubble expert, yet. But thanks to all the amazing time and energy put into bubble research by Edward Spiegel—and all the other helpful "Bubbleheads" out there—I've been able to make bigger and bigger and better and better bubbles as I learn more and more.

There's just something amazing and magical about creating these giant, floating, alien-like bubbles that definitely has me hooked for life. And, hopefully I can contribute to this Wiki and help you get hooked on bubbles just like I am. Ta-da!


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