I just recently discovered the absolute joy of making giant bubbles. It was purely by accident. I was looking for a way to make slime for my grandkids & I to play with. I found out about JLube and while searching for a source to purchase it online I saw that it could be used to make bubbles. I have always had a passion for science & chemistry so this was right up my alley and also an added way to entertain the little ones. When my JLube arrived I immediately stirred up a mix of Palmolive, Jlube, & water and made a tri-string wand with an 18" topstring from a 30 year old rope. I went to the park across the street, dipped the wand in the mix, lifted into the air, and about a 30 ft tube shot out. I have been hooked ever since. Thanks to information provided on this Wiki, I have been able to improve my solution and have tweeked it to local water and conditions. I make bubbles nearly every day and feel their draw pulling me when I am doing other things. I even see them in my sleep. I love watching them and am always trying to make them bigger and longer lasting. The other day after a rain 3ft bubbles were landing on the grass and lasting several minutes, how cool. I have had people come by and tell me that they saw the bubbles land nearly a quarter mile away and that they had wondered where they had come from. Thank you Edward for starting this Wiki and for the info that you and others have shared.

At The Frozen Lake


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