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Insurance Edit

A visitor postew the following:

I'm finding it rather ridiculous to get insured even just to do parties for under $1600/yr. 
Is this the normal price? Is insurance a norm in the bubble community or do most entertain without? 
Thanks a ton. 

Edward writes:

I have no idea. I would recommend asking over on SBF, the Soap Bubble Fanciers Yahoo Group
Espiegel123 (talk) 19:14, August 27, 2015 (UTC)


Hello, fellow bubblers, 

I would appreciate if one of you may know the answer to smth that bothers me a little bit.

few days ago I purchased a children's kit for making giant bubbles by ourselves. inside the kit  there were two Items:

the bubble-wand, and a white powder that is called "bubble powder" and according to thr instruction this powder needs to be mixed with water and A fairy washing dishes liquid. 

there is not any description of what this poder is made of, and I m concerned regarding the fact that my kids are using this powder. 

would anybody can guess what is thiat white powder might be? 21:27, August 3, 2016 (UTC)21:27, August 3, 2016 (UTC)~~

Edward writes

Do you know the brand of the bubble powder. Without knowing the brand, there is no way to know. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? It is likely (but by no means certain) that the powder contains a polymer (absolutely no way to know which one though) and possibly something to adjust the pH.
Espiegel123 (talk)

thank you for your response,

they don't writte the name of the brand - they just call it "magic bubble powder", i have serched the web a little bit. is there a chance it might called sodium lauryl sulfate? Avisiva (talk) 05:46, August 4, 2016 (UTC)

Edward writes

As I said, since it requires you to mix with detergent, it is almost certainly a polymer (such as HEC, PEO, or Guar Gum or similar) plus a pH adjuster (if the powder works well. Who is "they"?
There is no company name or web site?
Where did you purchase it?
Ask the company you purchased it from.
It is highly unlikely that it is sodium lauryl sulfate. That is an ingredient in the detergent. There would be no reason to add it to detergent and water.
BTW, it is quite likely that their powder is some variant of one of the recipes found here on the wiki.

Espiegel123 (talk)

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