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Slurries are a mix of a polymer and a non-hydrating liquid that are often used in making bubble juice. Many of the polymers used for bubble juice clump and resist mixing if added directly to water.

The dishwashing liquid (detergent) used for making bubble juice can sometimes also be used for slurrying polymers. If you are using the detergent as a slurry, be sure to subtract the amount used for the slurry from the total amount used.

Note that dishwashing liquid works better with some polymers than others. The temperature may also be relevant. For example, very cold dishwashing liquid (that has been cooled in the freezer) will work with PolyOx WSR301, but room temperature dishwashing liquid will not.


2015 Bubble Power Powder Instructions

The video at right demonstrates using detergent to slurry a J-Lube/Citric Acid mixture that I call Bubble Power Powder. The relevant section starts at 0 minutes 50 seconds.


Guar Gum[]

While I prefer to slurry guar gum and alcohol (since it makes a nice pourable slurry with no stirring necessary), you can slurry guar gum with detergent. I prefer detergent that has been chilled in the freezer but room temperature detergent works.

Method 1:

  • Measure guar gum powder into a container ample enough to contain all the detergent with some room left over (so that you don't spill when stirring)
  • Add enough detergent to just cover the powder and stir/mash till the mix is lump free.
  • Add a little more detergent and stir until it is uniform.
  • Continue adding a little detergent and stirring till it is uniform until you have added all the detergent.
  • Add this to room temperature or warm water. Or stir in some warm water and then add to the rest of your water.

Don't leave the slurry sitting for a long before combining with water.  If you leave it too long, you can end up with guar lumps that won't dissolve.

Method 2:

  • Measure all your detergent into a container
  • Add your guar gum powder
  • Stir vigorously with a fork until the guar gum is evenly distribute. There may be some little clumps.
  • Stir this into room temperature or warm water.


I generally use an alcohol slurry, but a detergent slurry works, too. The detergent can be at room temperature.

See Method 1 in the Guar Gum section. Watch the Bubble Power Powder video starting at 0:50 to see this method in action.

Method 2 (as described in the Guar Gum section above) is also effective.


  • Measure out your WSR301 powder and mash it to make sure that there are no clumps.
  • Measure a portion of your detergent into your mixing container.
  • Gently stir the detergent in the mixing container (I use a chopstick or a fork).
  • Slowly sprinkle the powder into the detergent as you stir.
  • Without frothing/foaming the detergent, mash up any clumplets.
  • Stir in the rest of your detergent.
  • Stir in water. Warm or room temperature water will work. (Warm water will hydrate the PEO faster than room temperature water.)

See also: Slurrying PEO with Detergent (blog entry)

August 2016 Note: Prior to my recent re-evaluation of detergent/WSR301 slurries, I believed that the detergent needed to be chilled to be effective. Much to my surprise, room temperature detergent works even though the initial mix will not be as "ghost" (lumplet) free as when using other methods. Despite the tiny clumplets that may exist right after mixing, these incorporate nicely over a few hours and result in a clear clump free mix that is indistinguishable from those made with other methods.