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CAUTION: Changing the ingredient amounts alters one or more of the characteristics of the product (ie. stretchy, bouncy, healing, etc.), therefore the amounts have to remain EXACT.
CAUTION: Changing the ingredient amounts alters one or more of the characteristics of the product (ie. stretchy, bouncy, healing, etc.), therefore the amounts have to remain EXACT.
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INGREDIENT AMOUNTS: Note: DO Not alter the amounts of any of the ingredients

36g detergent 0.3g Jlube (NOT 0.4g as called for in the video), 46g glue 3.0g borax water solution

INGREDIENTS INFORMATION Note: It is very crucial to not use untested substitute brands or ingredients

GLUE: Use ONLY clear, washable, non-toxic PVA school glue (polyvinyl acetate). NOT ALL BRANDS OF PVA GLUE WILL WORK. Elmer's brand is recommended. Bazic brand washable clear school glue also works great and is less expensive. In the EU/UK also look for Hobby World PVA clear glue (although I have not personally tested it) and in Latin America Norma Washable Pegamento Escolar Lavable is very good.

DETERGENT: USE Dawn Ultra or Fairy (10-30%) detergents--Proctor & Gamble (USA) offers an assortment of colors and scents in the Dawn lineup which all seem to work well but I have found that many customers object to the strong scents. So, Dawn offers alternatives such as Aloe and Free and Gentle (with a faint lemon essence).

BORAX WATER SOLUTION: 5g (1 teaspoon) borax powder diluted in 250ml WARM water stirred until diluted. 

JLUBE: A popular polymer lubricant used by many bubblers worldwide.

All ingredients are available locally or found online at Ebay, or Mercado Libre. This recipe can also be multiplied for larger batches.


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Add 0.3g Jlube to 36g soap, stir thoroughly. Add 46g glue, stir. Add 3.0g BXW (borax water solution), stir until it starts to gel into a putty-like consistency. Moisten palms with borax water solution and knead thoroughly--this is very crucial step (do the same with larger batches and then split it into equal units. I have batched 50 units in an hour with my large mixer which is about maximum for me).

CAUTION: Changing the ingredient amounts alters one or more of the characteristics of the product (ie. stretchy, bouncy, healing, etc.), therefore the amounts have to remain EXACT.

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Break up 1 unit of STBP into small pieces as you place them in 500ml of very warm water. Hot tap water will usually be up to 120F/49C and is not scalding. At this temperature STBP will dissolve rapidly in 1 minute while being stirred with a small whisk. You can use a regular coffee maker to heat your water or a microwave. Once your mixture is fully diluted add 500mg of cool water from your tap to make 1 full liter of bad-ass bubble juice--READY!!


Troubleshooting STBP assumes that all the ingredients and the amounts are according to the specifications given in the outline for formulating STBP.

STBP IS TOO STICKY—Try adding more BXW and kneading it thoroughly. You can also add the sticky slime ball to 2-3 other non-sticky slime balls and kneading them together thoroughly. NOTE: You can also add more Borax to achieve a firmer slime, but there is a point of diminishing returns before the slime breaks down and turns back into a liquidy state.

PRESERVING SLIME FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME—You can refrigerate STBP in its container OR for very, very long periods of time you can store it/them in the freezer.

MY SLIME WON’T STRETCH AND BREAKS APART TOO EASILY—There was too much glue added in relation to the other ingredients, try mixing/kneading it with a few more slimes.

MY SLIME BALL WON’T MAKE HUGE BUBBLES AFTER IT IS DILUTED—1. The conditions outdoors are not suitable for big bubbles (particles/bugs in the air, very high temperature and/or very low humidity). 2. Part of the slime ball was lost somehow causing it to be over diluted.


This product is also temperature sensitive and can become a bit sticky in very warm conditions. I recommend it for indoor use on clean surfaces and clean hands until dissolved for outdoor use with big bubbles. Keep from making contact with carpeting, clothng and hair or 4 legged animals until diluted.  Shampooing your hair will remove STBP.

In the UK the Office of Product Safety and Standards has determined the maximum level of boron in children’s toys is 300mg (.3g) per KG. STBP comes in at .08g per KG undiluted and .006g diluted. The amount of borax added per unit when mixing is .006g or .06% (barely even a trace amount).

Stored in the fridge it is undetermined how long it will last but reports have indicated several months (one person reports she had it in the fridge for 5 months before diluting it for fantastic effects). Storing it in the freezer would seem to make sense if you wanted to keep it indefinitely.

In the upper 80s F/20s C undiluted Slimey starts to become less viscous and begins to start turning liquid-like.

Undiluted SLIME TIME BUBBLE PUTTY will gradually turn a darker shade of color as it begins to “age” or “cure” and will take 6-10 days for the tiny bubbles to disappear and turn transparent.

Also view instructional videos here:


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