Simple DIY Super FoggerEdit

Fogger 1g1111

There are two ecig models that work especially well for this application; the ijust2 and the ijustS. Although both work I prefer the ijustS with the larger air vents.


Refer to the video section of Rick's gallery to view the video of the super fogger in action.

Fogger 3pg

Easy to find and popular tubes containing bubble juice are perfect

Fogger 2g

My favorite resource for tubes--a children's light wand and a long tube full of bubble juice with a long wand inside.

Fogger 5

1/2" diameter clear tubing avail at all better hardware and building supply houses.

Fogger 4 copy

These are the 4 pieces you need for a complete assembly. The ecig (ijustS or ijust2), a straw or tube that fits into or over the end, a larger tube the ecig fits inside of and a short piece of 1/2" tube (show at the bottom of the foto).

Fogger 7

1/2" diam. clear tubing 30mm long (+/-) available at all the better hardware supply outlets.


Your large tube that will house the ecig, cut to the appropriate size to completely house the ecig


Another very tight fit with ecig mouthpiece snugly inserted into the end of the clear tube piece inside at the neck of the main tube.

Fogger 8g

Very tight fit into the end of the main tube

Fogger 11

....and a larger tube or straw that fits over the 1/2" clear tube piece as shown

Fogger 10g

Now, a small diam. drinking straw that fits perfectly inside the end of the mouthpiece can be used.....

Fogger 13 g

...effects possible (you can cut the length of the straw or the clear tube down to any size you prefer).


Now you have two different....

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