Secureline Diamond Braid

Diamond Braid Cotton Clothesline from Walmart

SecureLine 3/16" diamond-braid cord by Lehigh is a favorite of bubblers.


Secureline diamond braid cord label small
This cord comes labeled a few different ways sometimes labeled as simply "Cotton Diamond Braided Cord" sometimes as "Diamond Braid Cotton Clothesline". The label color and layout changes periodically.

(August 2017). It is currently available on Amazon and is often available in hardware stores. In the past, it was available at WalMart (though you might have to look in a few different sections of the store to find it) but recent reports indicate that WalMart may have stopped carrying it.


This is a great cord but requires a little preparation. The first thing that you need to do is to remove the center core. This cord works terribly if you forget to remove this.

Once you have removed the core, you should let the cord soak for a while in water and dishwashing liquid, rinse it and soak again. This removes some 'sizing' that inhibits bubbles. The cord should work well at first but will get better as it breaks in.


Removing The Core From Diamond braid Cord

Removing The Core From Diamond braid Cord


August 2012. It has been reported that the SecureLine cord is becoming harder to find and is no longer stocked at all Walmarts.

Update 09/10/13: According to one person, SecureLine cord is being replaced by the housebrand "Mainstays". However, as of that date the SecureLine cord is still found at Walmart in the SF Bay Area and perhaps elsewhere.

Edward's Test LoopsEdit

20170725 0435B DP2017 20to1 Distilled HIGHLIGHT

2017 07 25. 30-40 foot tube. SecureLine loop (32" top-string). Juice is Dawn Pro (2017) and water at 20:1 (water to Dawn) ratio, pH-adjusted to 7.6. 9 grams of BLM per liter of water. Temperature: 64F. Humidity 75%

Edward frequently uses a 32" top-string SecureLine loop for testing. The cord has excellent capacity though not as much as Edward's preferred mop yarns, but on a good day, tubes with these test loops don't get a lot longer than 40 feet which is about the width of view with his standard test setup. A higher capacity loop would too frequently create tubes far too long to be captured.
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