Brian Lawrence's RecipesEdit

This page shares some recipes from bubblemaster Brian Lawrence who generously shares his wealth of knowledge. He has been mixing up bubble juices since 1978. The name BLM (for Brian's Lube Mix) was bestowed by the members of SBF of this very handy polymer mix.

Competition Mix 2012Edit

Brian shared this recipe on SBF in June 2012.See original message.

This recipe makes enough concentrate to make 1 gallon of bubble juice. Brian reports that it has a very long shelf-life and should last indefinitely.

Concentrate Ingredients:

  • 4 grams Baking Soda
  • 30 grams Glycerin
  • BLM (Brian's Lube Mix): 4 g for indoors, 60 g for giant bubbles, 90 g for garlands)
  • 30 grams Dawn Erasing Foam (formerly called Dawn Direct Foam) [see note below]
  • 250 grams Dawn Pot&Pan
  • 400+ grams distilled water

Mix the Baking Soda in 400 g (ml) distilled water.
Add the other ingredients.
Stir until completely mixed.
Pour the mixture into a 1 liter soda bottle and fill it the rest the way with distilled water.Let the concentrate rest for at least one day before using to allow the ingredients to equalize.

Dawn Erasing Foam note: This was formerly called Dawn Direct Foam (often called DDF).

For dilution you will need EITHER
60 grams of diluted citric acid water (1 gram citric acid per 30 grams distilled water)
2 grams citric acid

Pour about 500 ml distilled water into a 1 gallon jug (Brian uses old Dawn P&P containers).

If you are using citric acid water, add 60 g of the pre-mixed citric acid water.
If you are using citric acid, add 2 grams acid to the water you poured into the jug and stir or shake till dissolved.

Add one liter of concentrate.

Fill the rest of the way with distilled water.

Brian notes: This formula is matched to my wands, which are Whisperers made from Web Foot Mop Yarn on the top string and cotton cooking twine for the down (or bottom) string, as well as garlands made from various mop yarns (Dusty's blue yarn, Web Foot, RubberMaid Rayon Finish Mop yarn).

Simple MixEdit

This is a recipe that Brian gives out to people that want a mix made from easily found ingredients. He writes:

I hand them a card and let them read it. I tell them, "This is not the formula I'm using today. It's designed to work well, with ingredients that you can easily obtain at any grocery store or pharmacy. If you want the formula I'm using send me email and I'll tell you. The ingredients in it are a little harder to find."

The formula on the card is:

a 14 oz.bottle of Ultra-Dawn
1 tube of "personal lubricant"
1 gallon of "pure" water

In an empty gallon jug, add a little water, all the Dawn and personal lubricant and swirl it
around. Fill the jug the rest of the way with water. Let it rest for a day.

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