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First brewed on 2012 11 01. This is an HEC-based mix with a little bit of PEO. I developed this recipe after I had a really great session where I added a bit of eGoo dregs to the last bit of HEC-juice that I was testing one day (2012/10/30). This mix was my best guess as to what might have been in the ad hoc mix that worked so well on 2012/10/30.

This makes nice long tubes and can make super giants as well.

The amounts were chosen based on the capacity of the jugs that I use. They are nominally 1 gallon jugs but hold a bit more.

The water:detergent ratios is 20.3:1. 20:1-21:1 seems to work well for HEC-based mixes. The higher-dilutions that I like with PEO and guar-based juice do not seem to work as well with HEC.

I also refer to this mix as HECWSR since I usually make it with WSR301. But you can use J-Lube just as well.

Equipment (used in photos): Modular loop with 100" Rubbermaid Webfoot Microfiber top-string and a bottom-string (210"-220" long) made from a single strand of deconstructed Rubbermaid rayon mop yarn. See Mop Heads.

INGREDIENTS[edit | edit source]

  • Polymer powder mix:
    • 0.42 grams "degraded" WSR301. With potent WSR301, use 1/4 to 1/3 this amount.
    • 7 grams Natrosol 250HR
  • 3650 grams water measured into a 1 gallon jug that will store the juice
  • 4 grams baking soda
  • 180 grams Dawn Pro
  • 2 grams citric acid

SUBSTITUTIONS[edit | edit source]

J-Lube substitution. If using J-Lube, use 4 times the amount specified (1.7 grams of 'degraded' j-lube or 0.4 - 0.6 grams of potent J-Lube).

HEC substitution. If using a higher viscosity HEC such as Natrosol 250 HHR or Dow Cellosize QP100MH, use a little less than specified. My guess 6 grams.

Mixing[edit | edit source]


  • pour 300 grams water (from jug) into a 1 liter measuring cup
  • heat 500 grams water (from jug) in the microwave till quite hot (2 minutes or so)


  • start stirring the 300 ml of room temp water and add the powder bit by bit, making sure that it is well-dispersed with no clumping. (You could add the powder to dry alcohol or glycerine or propylene glycol to make a slurry and add the slurry, too. The HEC works as an effective dispersent for the PEO; so, a slurry isn't necessary as long as you are using an HEC that is cold-water dispersible)
  • continue stirring and add the 500 grams hot water
  • add baking soda while continuing to stir
  • continue stirring for a couple of minutes. The mix should become quite viscous shortly after the baking soda is added
  • stir for 30 seconds every several minutes until the mixture is near room temperature.
  • NOTE! Even though the HEC may seem to have dissolved, it takes a while to fully hydrate. It may settle out into a gel layer if you do not periodically stir during the  20 to 30 minutes during which the water cools which is also the period during which the HEC hydrates.
  • add more water from the jug to fill the measuring cup
  • return the mixture to the jug.
  • Turn the jug end-over-end several times.
  • add the Dawn Pro
  • add the citric acid
  • Turn the jug end-over-end several times.
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