"String" or "wick" type bubble wands (tri-string wands, garland wands, etc.) consist of handles/poles to which the bubble wick is attached.

For tri-string loops that have a top-string of 60-inches or less, 48-inch wooden dowels, bamboo gardening stakes and lengths of 1/2-inch PVC tubing are inexpensive easily available materials.

Long HandlesEdit

For making giant bubbles, long handles are a must. Long handles can be useful for "normal" sized tri-strings, too as they enable one to keep bubbles high above the ground. This gives them farther to fall before hitting the ground and may and may give an opportunity to get some loft. It also may give the bubbles somewhat cleaner air.

Fishing poles. Lightweight telescoping fishing rods are popular among giant bubble enthusiasts. The "Classic Crappie Pole" from is a popular choice. Some people remove the thinnest section(s) of the poles because they may be a bit too flimsy for a large loop heavy with bubble juice. The 13-foot Cabela's pole is about 10 feet long when the two flimsiest sections are removed. There is general consensus that poles longer than 10 to 12 feet are quite unwieldy. Another popular choice for long handles is the Shakespeare Wonder Pole. The 10-foot model as been recommended by more than one well-respected enthusiast. Kwik Stix by South Bend is another popular telescoping fishing pole that can be found inexpensively.

Homemade extendable poles. It is also possible to create 96-inch (or longer) handles that can be broken down into smaller sections using wooden dowels and appropriate fittings as detailed in the Pole Extensions article. While Edward has telescoping fishing rods, he generally uses his homemade segmented poles since he can use them set up for lengths from 48" to more than 96".

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