Hello Everyone!

My name's Wayne Schmidt and after watching many of your outstanding videos I've become hooked on trying to create my own giant bubbles. After testing 13 different bubble solution recipes, conducting almost two dozen refining experiments on the best one and comparing six different wick materials for my 6-foot tri-string wand I seem to have run into a brick wall as far as bubble longevity is concerned. Most of my bubbles only last 5 seconds. I'm hoping someone will take pity on a newbie and make some recommendations. I've read through many of the pages on this wiki but haven't found anything that will help me break through the wall... so to speak.

Anyone interested can read my experiments and see videos of my best bubbles to date on a webpage I'm building about my efforts at: Just don't expect much. I suspect the low humidity and dusty conditions of my high desert location may be part of the problem, but I'm hoping someone's going to tell me that the real problem is that the best solution I've found so far isn't really very good.

Thank you!

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