This page lists pH readings of various items relevant to bubble juice.

pH of Common ItemsEdit

Pure water (no dissolved air): 7.0

Distilled water (pH somewhat acidic due to dissolved C02 from the atmosphere): 5.5-6.5

Edward's ReadingsEdit

Readings - 2012/13Edit

Here are various readings taken in 2012/13 with a pH meter that featured only single point calibration and plus/minus 0.2 accuracy though when checked with buffer fluid seemed generally to be plus/minus 0.1 Dawn Pro: 8.3 - 8.4

Club Soda: 5.2 (measured by Edward Spiegel at room temperature)

Edward's Tap Water (unfilitered): 8.9-9.7 (the tap water here sometimes has a surprisingly high pH. It is generally around 9.0 that 9.7 reading was surprising and may have been a sign that something was going on 'upstream')

Edward's Tap Water (Brita-filtered): 8.3

White Distilled Vinegar: 2.4-2.6

Bubble Juice and Deterent/Water MixesEdit

Various bubble juice readings taken by Edward. These are accurate to about +- 0.1 or 0.2

Uncle Bubble diluted at 9:1 with Edward's tap water: 7.8-8.0 (tap measured at 9.4)

Dawn Pro and Tap Water 50:1: 9.2 (on a day when Edward's tap water was measured at 9.7 with a calibrated pH meter)

Dawn Pro and Tap Water 50:1 + about 3.0 ml baking powder: 7.4

eGoo diluted at 15:1 with Crystal Springs mineral water: 8.5 (2014/04/16). add .51 grams (1/8 tsp) citric acid: 7.8. Add another 1/16 tsp: 7.6 (measured moments later)

eGoo diluted at 15:1: 8.3 (2013/10/03)

eGoo diluted at 15:1 with 0.18 grams citric acid added to 1 gallon: 8.1 (2013/10/03)

eGoo diluted at 15:1 with 0.57 grams citric acid added to 1 gallon: 7.6 (2013/10/03)

eGoo at 10:1 so heavily to dosed with baking powder that the juice was very milky and not transparent: 6.8 (2013 12 20)

500 grams tap water (pH: 9.3) + 27 grams Dawn Pro: 9.3

above with 1.25 ml vinegar: 8.3

additional 1.25 ml vinegar (total 2.5): 7.7

additional 2.5 ml vinegar (total 5.0): 6.2 (oops!)

BAD BUBBLE JUICE. diluted eGoo at 6.3 could barely make bubbles. The juice was fixed by raising pH with baking soda.

2014 July Measurements Edit

These were made with the same pH meter (an inexpensive Chinese knockoff of the pH600).

Calibrated to 9.0 when measuring a 25:1 solution of distilled water and Dawn Manual Pot and Pan

Distilled White Vinegar: 2.4

60:1 distilled water/Dawn: 9.0

10:1 distilled water/Dawn Manual Pot and Pan (Dawn Pro): 8.8

5:1 dilution: 8.7

Dawn Manual Pot and Pan: 8.4-8.5 (it initially read 8.4 and after three minutes oscillated between 8.4 and 8.5)

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