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In the most basic form, this system uses a pressurized container, transport tubing, valves etc. to feed bubble solution to the wick of an upheld NoDip TriString wand (first example).

The NoDip system started as a project of Keith Johnson in 2012.  In 2013, sponsored by Uncle Bubble brand, Keith posted videos of various versions of this system along with basic construction information to YouTube.

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Advantages of this system include:

  • Frees a strolling bubbler from the bucket.  Bubbles are made "on the move".  
  • More bubbles, more frequently.  
  • The soap film is easily reestablished.
  • Bigger bubbles. Solution can be fed to growing bubbles beyond the capacity of the strings alone.
  • The fluid feed can be regulated to fine-tune ratio of bubble weight to bubble size.  
  • Dipless system removes major safety issue ("putting kids eyes out") as the bubbler no longer needs to lower the pole tips to reestablish the soap film.

"More than a bubble liquid feed system, this NoDip ability is leading to new designs of bubble wands, new bubble techniques & effects."  Keith Johnson

Other Configurations[]

Version 1.


NoDip Ver. 1 Oct. 2012 TriString Type

Version 2. TriString Type with Offset Tips 


NoDip Ver. 2 TriString w Offset Tips Nov. 2012

Version 3. SnareLoop / Single Stick.


NoDip Ver. 3 SnareLoop




  • Pressurized Garden Sprayer. These can be found at home-improvement and garden stores.
  • Some flexible tubing whose inner-diameter is the same (or close) to the outer-diameter of the sprayer's spray tube.


  • Snip off the sprayer tip (as shown in the picture).
  • Connect the flexible tubing where you snipped off the sprayer tip. This will be the bubble juice feedtube.
  • Run the flexible tubing up to one corner of the tri-string loop.
  • Use the sprayer's 'trigger' to control the flow of bubble juice.

Garden Sprayer makes a good pressurized container.

1000460 LEE14507 A 600.jpg


NoDip Airline attach 2.jpg

This valve regulates fluid flow.


Valve is in right hand.



This post on SBF, the Soap Bubble Fanciers Yahoo Group (RIP)provides some great tips for successful No-Dip systems.