Bubbleworld vanpelt

A Ronald Van Pelt creation.

The universal cry "BUBBLES!", I hear children, teens, adults and grannies shouting it out as soon as they see them floating through the sky. I often have many multicultural groups bubbling, and I'd like to collect the word for Bubbles in as many languages as possible, just for fun!

How you can help...Edit

Add the common word or phrase for BUBBLES, followed by the language it's spoken in! This could become a great language arts extension activity for teachers!

I speak "bubbles" internationally!Edit

BOBLER -- Danish

Bolas de Sabão- Portuguese


BUBBLES -- English

BLASEN -- German

BOLLE -- Italian


BURBUJAS -- Spanish

BUBLOR -- Swedish

PAO PAO (泡泡) -- Mandarin

BULLES -- French

BOMBOLLES -- Catalan

hebrew - בועה - bua

ПУЗЫРИ - Русский - Russian

Baloni - Балони- Bulgarian

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