Brian Lawrence supplied this photo-essay demonstrating how to make a simple tri-string wand. This is a great project for kids or even adults. This version uses chopsticks and a lightweight t-shirt. You could use lightweight bamboo gardening stakes are dowels if you want longer handles.


Brianl dipstix DSCN4727

Here is all you need

A pair of chopsticks (or something similar) for handles.

A pair of scissors.

A lightweight cotton undershirt. Lightweight undershirts/t-shirts work best. Use a newly purchased t-shirt. Used ones don't work so well. Use 100% cotton. And avoid heavyweight material as it soaks up a lot of juice that is not used and ends up as drips on the ground. A 3XL men's undershirt, will provide loops whose top-string width is about 22" after stretching and wetting.

We recommend washing the t-shirt in the washing machine to remove the sizing used to treat the shirts for packaging. More about t-shirt 'yarn' in these articles: Wicks and T-Shirt Yarn.

Making the wandEdit

Brianl dipstix DSCN4728
Step 1. Spread out a t-shirt. Cut off the lower hem and discard it.
Brianl dipstix DSCN4730
Step 2. Cut a 3/4"-1" loop from the bottom of the t-shirt by cutting across the body.
Brianl dipstix DSCN4731
Step 3. Stretch your loop and will start to curl in on itself.
Brianl dipstix DSCN4732
Step 4. Stretch it a few more times. 
Brianl dipstix DSCN4733
Step 5. Use a lark's head knot to attach the loop to one of the handles. 
Brianl dipstix DSCN4734
Step 6. Use another lark's head to attach the other handle. 
NOTE: The handles should be attached so that you have a "top string" that is 1/2 the length of the "bottom string". That makes the top-string 1/3 of the t-shirt loop's circumference. If the loop is about 48" inches around, the top string length should be 16"

Refinements and ModificationsEdit

The t-shirt material works great. If you don't have a t-shirt handy and are anxious to make-do with something you have on-hand, you can substitute other materials such as cotton twine or a cotton shoelace.

Bubble JuiceEdit

Any giant bubble juice will work. The guar gum-based bubble juice and Brian's simple mix are great recipes if you are getting started as they create terrific bubbles with ingredients that you can probably find locally.

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