This design creates 52 loops


With a "V" cutout at the handle you eliminate any soap film in the center of the strainer after dipping

  1. Any size plastic kitchen strainer (7 1/2 diameter pictured here)
  2. 5mm diameter very sturdy hollow plastic straws (these are the kind that helium balloons are attached to).
  3. 8-shaped bubble sticks with the 8-shape snipped off (available only in bulk online through Alibaba to my knowledge - (Search term: bubble stick).

Using and ordinary 7 1/2" plastic kitchen strainer you can create a multi loop wand with 52 loops.  Remove the "ears" and the mesh from the strainer so you can get started. The holes are drilled (using a 13/64" drill bit) 1/2" apart.  This size hole makes for a tight fit for the straw to fit through.  When you are drilling the holes make sure your drill bit is pointed at the center of the strainer so your loops are all evenly and uniformly spaced.

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