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Submitted by LipLip1. This is a wiki member's variant of our Guar-based bubble juice. We recommend taking a look at our main recipe to learn more about guar gum and the variables that affect the quality of the juice

From LipLip1:

Hey all I am quite new to the bubble mania my girlfriend bought commercial brand here in Israel where we live they sell a mystery powder which they market as miracle powder for giant bubbles ( turned out to be some kind of peo lube powder.) and some sort of liquid mix which u add water and detergent also a peo based..

After testing all of the powders with many of the recipes I found here, I started testing guar based juice and got great results (photos and videos will be loaded soon).

This is a variant on the guar gum recipe found on the main recipe page


water( regular tap works fine for me) - 1000 grams (ml)

guar gum - 3 grams

ipa (isopropyl alcohol) for slurry - approx 20 ml.

baking powder - 3 grams

fairy dish washing liquid - 40-75 grams (my best results are with about 65 grams which is about 1:15 to 1:16)


i take around 20 ml of isopropyl and mix the guar till it is fully mixed.

I add the soap and baking powder to the slurry.

Mix it well for a couple of minutes let is sit for at least 20 minutes and add it to the water.

It will work fine but as it seems a day or so will make wonders to the mIx


Another batch of guar based

Big tunnels windy and very hot and humid tel aviv and Jaffa border near the sea

Big tunnels windy and very hot and humid tel aviv and Jaffa border near the sea

it is hot and humid but still some bubble formed

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