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This page is under-construction. When complete, it will provide a gateway to the wiki to help you find articles of interest. While it is under-construction, you may find some helpful links here. You may want to see the page and category lists, too. There are quite a few topics covered on the wiki and the related blog entries.

In the meantime, you can find a list of all the pages on the wiki and also a list of the current categories.

When this page is done, this will be the main gateway for people looking to learn more about bubbles.

Pages of Interest. Some pages and categories have been tagged with the For Index tag. This is a good place to start if you are wanting to learn more about bubbles as these are articles that our editors believe are important.

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NOTE TO CONTRIBUTORS. This section and below should contain appropriate subheadings (that correspond to topics of general interest) with lists of pages (with brief descriptions where appropriate). Some pages will be listed in more than one section.

For Index: Some pages and categories have been tagged with the For Index tag. This is a good place to start if you are wanting to learn more about bubbles as these are articles that our editors believe are important.

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Getting StartedEdit

Getting Started - this page is a jumping-off page for people new to bubbles and new to the wiki.

Getting Started with Tri-Strings - this page is a jumping-off point for people new to making bubbles with tri-strings. Tri-strings are the "string" wands that are most frequently used for making big bubbles.

Frequently Asked Questions - this category attempts to answer the most common questions. These questions may be of interest to both beginners and experienced bubbleheads.

Random Tips - useful info that doesn't fit into any particular category.

Making BubblesEdit

General InterestEdit

These articles will be useful to anyone trying to make better bubbles.

Bubble Juice Basics - if you are interesting in making bubble juice, get the lowdown on bubble juice basics here.

What is the best bubble juice - this is one of the most frequently asked questions. There is no single answer. This article will help you find the best bubble juice for you.

Color and Film Thickness - the colors of a soap bubble tell you about the thickness of the soap film. This is important to understand when evaluating bubble juice as things do not work as you might expect.

Dawn Pro Dilution Evaluation - this article demonstrates the color profile (which reflects the soap film thickness) of Dawn Pro solutions at various dilutions. Take a look to get a better feel for how dilution affects color. Also, it is useful for comparing to your own solutions if you are using a different detergent. It can help you determine how your detergent compares to Dawn Pro which can be useful for adapting the recipes you find here on the wiki.

Dilution - the detergent concentration in bubble juice has a surprising relationship to bubble wall thickness. More soap doesn't necessarily mean better bubbles.

Troubleshooting - (the article is in-process)

Evaluating Bubble Color - (article in-process) adjusting bubble juice is aided by understanding the bubble thickness. Bubble color is critical to determining the thickness of the bubble's walls, and you need the right environment to be able to judge the colors.

Bubbling Conditions (Environment, Humidity, Etc.)Edit

Ideal Conditions - this page discusses the impact of environmental conditions on bubble-making. It is very helpful to understand how conditions affect your bubbles.

Low Humidity - Low humidity is a bubbler's bane. Learn how to deal with low humidity, here.

Cold Weather - Bubbling in temperatures near and below freezing can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Read recommendations from the experts.

Related Category: Conditions

Mixology (Making Bubble Juice)Edit

See the General Interest section above for essential reading about what makes bubble juice work. In addition to the basics, understanding dilution, viscosity, how to evaluate color, and the role of film thickness are important.




Ingredients (article) - this article provides an overview of the important bubble juice ingredients and ingredient families.

Ingredients (category) - the Ingredients index provides links to articles related to ingredients. This includes articles about particular ingredients as well as articles and blog entries about ingredient-related topics.

Water - water is the main ingredient in most bubble juice. There are a lot of misconceptions about what type of water you need. Tap water or distilled: read the article.



Wands category

Wick category

Poles category - articles about wand poles, rigging and the like.

Rigging category - articles about rigging poles and loops.

How-To and DIYEdit

DIY category - do-it-yourself bubble gear projects.

How-To category - articles and blog entries detailing 'How-To' knowledge. Most of these are also DIY projects.



Questions is an article covering outstanding questions in bubbleology with some suggestions about experiments that might shed light on them. if you want to contribute to bubble knowledge, experiments that shed light on these questions are a good place to start. We can help set you up with a roadmap for exploring the questions, if you need help getting started.

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Great videos and pictures are used liberally on the wiki.

Check out Must-See Videos for some really great soap bubble-related videos that don't go with any particular article but that you don't want to miss.

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Categories are tags that have been assigned to articles, pictures and videos. Below is a list of the most important categories. There is also an all category index.


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Frequently Asked Questions - this category attempts to answer the most common questions. These questions may be of interest to both beginners and experienced bubbleheads.

General: Items of general interest.

Help: Need help creating and editing articles here on the wiki? This category is for you.

How-To. These are articles with step-by-step instructions and cover everything from making bubble wands to how to make moats and custom cords.

Wick: Items related to bubble "wicks" - the material used in string-type wands. Wick material is also sometimes used to wrap hoops.

Wiki. These are articles for wiki contributors. They cover things like how to create blog entries, add photos or videos and the like.

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