Hoops in all sizes


You can use this procedure to create hoops of any size. I chose to make a sm, med. and large hoop to fit my dip trays plus larger sizes for KIB with the following dimensions: Small--29 1/2" overall length for a 10 1/4" outside diameter. Medium--36 1/4" length 12 1/2" diam. Large--46" length 15 1/4" diam. Xtra large (KIB)--76" length 25" diam.


Cut off a 3-4" piece of 1/2" PEX tubing and slice out a section longways to make the diameter smaller.


Mark the middle of this piece...


Flex your long section of tubing into its approx. shape (round). the very ends need extra curvature to simplify the assembly (as shown).


Center your mark


Manualy flex the hoop into more of a round shape


Whenever you are using CPVC fittings you need adhesive that is specially formulated for CPVC


To attach the "T" fitting permanently to the tubing I drill 5/32" holes all the way thru as shown.....


At this point you can add a 1/2" CPVC tube for a handle. There is another option for a detachable handle shown latter in this photo essay


Appropriate length and diamter machine type nuts and bolts do very well


I put the end with the excess length facing inward so it wil not snag on the dipping tray.


To begin wrapping the hoop with cord I drill one 7/32" hole all the way thru the tube near the "T"


Choose the cord that you will use to wrap your hoop with. Shown here is Rubbermaid rayon mop head yarn. Tie one end of the cord/yarn into a knot and begin stuffing the knotted end into the hole you drilled.


The knot will fit nicely into the hole with some work and plug the hole


When you are finished wrapping the hoop repeat your beginning procedure by tying a knot at the end of the cord and stuffing it into the other side of the tubing in the same hole.


At better hardware supply outlets you can find threaded attachments that will allow you to remove the handle for travel as an option to a permanently attached handle as mentioned earlier.


Very convenient and simple


Longer handles will tend to flex. If this is something you want to eliminate you can simple purchase a wooden doweling from your hardware supplier and insert it into the PEX tubing for added strength and support. You may have to sand down the doweling a bit to make it fit.


I add the doweling the entire length of the tube I am supporting. I also add a bit of carpenter's white glue along the length to keep it from rattling if it is a bit loose inside.


A smaller hoop redy to go.

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